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Make Up Brushes: Beginners Guide to Eye Brushes

Now that you have discovered the uses for all the necessary facial make up brushes, it is time to learn about eye make up brushes. These brushes are much smaller but play a very important role. With the proper tools you will get perfect lines, a gorgeous blend, and a flawless finish. Your makeup bag [...]

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Make Up Brushes: Continuation of Beginners Guide to Brushes

In continuation of our last segment, we will teach you what other brushes you just have to purchase! The right makeup tools can make for the best and most flawless application of makeup. Brushes can be purchased separately or in a set. Start building up your make up brushes early on to develop an understanding [...]

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Make Up Brushes: The Beginners Guide

Every woman should have the proper tools to help give her a flawless look. Makeup can be applied with many different tools from sponges to Q-tips. Women who are just beginning their makeup arsenal should start with a very specific set of make up brushes. Each implement has it’s own specific use and should be [...]

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The Essential Face Make Up Brushes Every Lady Must Own

Here at Blank Canvas Cosmetics, we absolutely love make up. We truly know the struggle of trying to find affordable make up and make up brushes while also finding quality make up and make up brushes. In this industry, most of the time those two things just don't go together. Our mission is to merge [...]

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Make Up Brushes Every Girl Should Have In Their Cosmetics Bag

Your face is a blank canvas and the makeup possibilities are endless. However, the quality of your brushes and makeup absolutely decides what the outcome will be. We all know the difference you can see between nice, quality makeup and the kind you find in the dollar aisle. Of course, we’ve all been there: the [...]

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Order Our Professional Make Up Brushes and We'll Donate to Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Blank Canvas Cosmetics is proud to participate! This year, we'll be donating €1 for sales on select items in our store for breast cancer awareness and research. Breast cancer is something that affects everyone, either because they've personally fought the disease or known someone who has. October is a [...]

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Be the Contour Queen with this Cosmetic Contour Palette

Contouring is one of those essential beauty tricks that makes all the difference in your final look. Whether you are contouring your own face or the face of a client, it's amazing what a difference good contouring makes. Highlights brighten your assets while shadows make faces thinner and less flattering features disappear. If you are [...]

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Want the Ultimate Set of Make Up Brushes? We Have What You Need

When you want the ultimate set of make up brushes, there is only one place to shop: Blank Canvas Cosmetics. Our line of award winning brushes are sure to please even the pickiest makeup artist, and we have make up brush sets that fit every budget and need. If you want the very best, though, you [...]

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Take Advantage of This Special Offer on One of Our Most Popular Makeup Brush Sets

We recently hit 60,000 fans on Facebook! If you are one of the people who have already liked our page, thanks for your support and your part in helping us get to this amazing number. We love that people love our makeup brush sets as much as we do. If you haven't liked us already, head [...]

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Check Out the Newest Professional Make Up Brushes In Our Online Store

Our line of professional make up brushes is expanding! We've recently introduced our glossy retractable range, available in both glossy pink and black so you can choose the color that you want to add to your makeup bag. These brushes are perfect for makeup application on-the-go, because their compact size allows them to fit easily [...]

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